Inhuman Condition – Rat°God

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 32:42
Label: Listenable Insanity Records

INHUMAN CONDITION was formed in US Florida’s swamps in 2020. Although they are a very new band, in its lineup we meet an old familiar and an important musician of the genre. When we talk about “Florida” of course we are referring to Death Metal, so here we are dealing with the great Terry Butler (OBITUARY, ex-MASSACRE, ex-DEATH, etc.). The gang is also complemented by Taylor Nordberg and Jeramie Kling who, while they were participating at the recordings of the new MASSACRE’s album, they’ve argued with Kam Lee and departed from the band.

So, without any delay they teamed up with Butler and created INHUMAN CONDITION to offer us quality and Old School Death Metal. Looking at the band’s logo, the name and album’s artwork immediately one band comes to our mind: MASSACRE! Also, the band’s name is taken from 1992’s MASSACRE EP but, fortunately, here we are not dealing with a copy of “From Beyond’s” sound, although I was afraid of it when I first saw all the details of the album.

Talking about the production, it is crystal clear, letting you hear all the instruments under a great mix. Blastbeats do not exist as the drums are played in a more simple technique, with groovy rhythms while Jeramie Kling (drums and vocals) is a monster behind the microphone. The guitars sound like a mix of modern and more traditional Death Metal sound, while the solos are following melodic paths. The album is very straight, without unnecessary experimentation and technical passages. Pure and honest old school Death Metal from Florida, with simple arrangements which raise the adrenaline levels!

Listening to “Rat°God” you will feel as you are travelling in the early 90’s, as the album retains an old school feeling, despite its quite modern approach. So, for those who are looking to listen to a killer Death Metal album with merciless headbanging and without meaningless technical parts, then INHUMAN CONDITION is here to generously offer it with songs such as “Tyrantula”, “Killing Pace”, “Euphoriphobia” και “The Neck Step”! Enjoy one of this year’s best releases in Death Metal!

Rating: 7,5/10
Label: Nikos Manousis
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