IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT release music video for new single “Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame”.

You are currently viewing IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT release music video for new single “Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame”.

Experimental metal outfit IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, have released new single “Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame”, along with an official video directed and edited by Steve Blanco. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Spirit Of Ecstasy”, out on July 22nd via Century Media Records.

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT comment on the song: «Monolithic events engineered throughout the ages compel great shifts in consciousness. Seemingly coincidental and synchronous points forever alter the landscape. Pigeons gather one by one. Civilization moves through the gateways and in hindsight the obscured vision becomes clearer. Still unknown, however is the truth as all is an illusion with much loss of life and zero accountability. At a certain point there are too many pigeons for the control’s infantile stories to be what they claim.”

Recently, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT announced that they will be joining ZEAL & ARDOR for their North American tour 2022. The band will be hitting the road starting September 11Th in Brooklyn and wrapping on October 7th in Berkeley.

Just like its predecessors, the album features a handful of special guests including Kenny G on soprano saxophone, Max Gorelick on lead guitar, Snake on vocals, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar, Trey Spruance on lead guitar, Andromeda Anarchia with choirs, Sarai Woods with choirs, Yoshiko Ohara on vocals, J. Walter Hawkes on the trombone, Ben Hankle on the trumpet, Percy Jones on bass, SEVEN)SUNS on strings, Colin Marston on Simmons drums and Youtube, and Jonas Rolef on vocals. Stay tuned for more details about the highly anticipated release by following the band on socials.

“Spirit Of Ecstasy” track listing:

  1. Chump Change
  2. Metrovertigo
  3. Tower of Glory, City of Shame
  4. Merkurius Gilded
  5. Death on a Highway
  6. In the Pleasure of their Company
  7. Bezumnaya
  8. Maximalist Scream

You can watch the official video for “Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame” below:

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