Haimad – The Return (EP)

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(Northern Silence Productions)
Total Running Time:   44:19

HAIMAD is a melodic Black Metal band from Sweden and circulated this EP, 20 years after their last work which was released in 1999 entitled “Majestic”.

“The Return” contains 4 new songs plus the demo executions. Before listening to the album I searched to learn some details about the band, as I did not know them. I read that they play melodic Black Metal with symphonic parts and that their sound is quite influenced by the old DIMMU BORGIR’s sound. I was therefore very cautious before listening to the album, as this particular style has changed considerably over the last 20 years, in which the band was not active.

The result was finally a pleasant surprise! The songs have the personal stigma of the band as they sound well done, the melodies and the symphonic parts travel us several years back in time and have an old school feeling in combination with Black Metal riffs, The vocals sound “mystical” and “frightening” creating emotions such as “melancholy” and “fear”. So “The Return” is a release that seamlessly combines the 90’s and the modern sound of Black Metal. Those who are disappointed by the last album of DIMMU BORGIR and want to listen to quality melodic Black Metal you can give a chance to “The Return”.


Nikos Manousis


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