Human Serpent / Moeror / Kvadrat – Moeror / Human Serpent / Kvadrat (Split)

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 17:28
Label: The Scars of Millions Proselytism/ Desolate Depths

In the general climate of solidarity, support, and mobilization for help, due to the recent devastating fires in Greece, the Black Metal underground scene could not remain impassive. So, HUMAN SERPENT joined forces with MOEROR and KVADRAT to present us a new split, the profits of which will be donated to support the animals whose lives were dramatically affected by the fires. More specifically, the proceeds concern medical assistance, animal feed and the early costs of an adoption.

In this new release MOEROR participate with two new compositions, HUMAN SERPENT also with two, which are essentially the “Shrouds” (EP) which was released only digitally in 2020, while KVADRAT participate with a new song. First the split begins with MOEROR and the melancholic ferocity of “Deep Vanity in the Pulses of Emptiness”, aggressive rhythms mainly interrupted by dark melodic breakdowns while X. excels once again with his raw vocals in a wonderful song. The following “Vestiges of a Failed Mutation” includes only piano, creating a melancholic and haunting atmosphere. Continue with “Nature’s Shroud Against Humanity” and “Shrouds of the Fall” by HUMAN SERPENT, the first moves in the well-known Black Metal musical paths that the band has established with its aggressive and melancholic guitars, while the second song consists only by piano and approaches the melody of the first song from another perspective, truly enchanting. The split closes with KVADRAT’s ” Απομόνωση “, for whom I would suggest you listen to their this year debut EP  «Ψυχική Αποσύνθεση», which moves along the musical paths of the so-called by many ‘new’ Black Metal with influences from MGLA, DEATHSPELL OMEGA etc but at the same time with the band’s personal touch. A Black Metal tornado song that combines depression with hatred.

This Black Metal alliance offer us a very good split with its value being invaluable as, apart from its musical quality, there is also a important purpose for this release. The split was released in just 100 copies and immediately went sold out, so whoever bought it, was lucky as there is still no announcement from the bands for new copies. At the end, I would like to inform you that this review was written while the tragic news of X.’s sudden death were revealed. The whole editorial team of THEGALLERY.GR would like, apart from expressing its heartfelt condolences to the family and Christos’ close friends, to dedicate this review to his memory as it is the last release we hear X. behind the microphone.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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