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Year: 2023
Total Time: 41:38
Label: Nuclear Blast

Almost 20 years of existence for the Swedish ENFORCER, which started as a one man band by their “leader” Olof Wikstrand (guitar, vocals) and despite the relatively outdated concept they have as it is obvious that this is a band from some another era, however, they continue unscathed offering us their sixth studio album with the characteristic title “Nostalgia”.

So this album does exactly what its title says. It is a journey through time, but with modern means of navigation. Pure and pure Heavy/Speed Metal, as it was played in the old days but with the air and freshness of today. If there are metalheads who still don’t know what ENFORCER is, let’s say they are highly recommended to the fans of ANVIL, EXCITER and other bands of the past, although the new record has a lot of hard rock influences, mainly from UFO and SCORPIONS, in my opinion.

Its duration is not long although it includes 13 songs. This happens because, as usual, all their songs are relatively short in duration (here the average is just over three minutes per song). Personally, this doesn’t bother me at all, epic, long-winded, multi-dimensional songs are nice, I’m not saying, but there are moments (many) when you just want to listen to something direct and lighter, something with a classic sound, to have fun and be entertained.

So you press play and start with “Unshackle Me” and “Coming Alive” which are at full speed before “Heartbeats” comes in to give you a breather to continue with “Demon”, one of the best songs of the album, it stands out with the first hearing. “Kiss of Death” is a typical ENFORCER song, while the title track that follows (here at the halfway point), is a Power Metal ballad with a theme that represents exactly what the whole record represents. The past that is gone and became a memory for everyone. Very strong! “No Tomorrow” moves I would say on the edge of poser, nice and different, it is worth listening to in the Metal clubs that like this kind of sound. With “At the End of the Rainbow” and “Metal Supremacia” (with lyrics in Spanish!) they hit the gas again, while with “White Lights in the USA” I don’t know about you, but it reminded me of good old MOTLEY CRUE. Cool!! Just before the end, we have “Keep The Flame Alive”, a nice mid-tempo track, closing the album ideally with “When the Thunder Roars (Crossfire)” which I think, as it closes the record it could also give the end at the their concerts.

What do we do now that the audition is over? I just pressed “play” again and the album started playing from the beginning. That’s what I believe you will also do, even without skipping some parts. Ok, so obviously not all of it top notch, but “Nostalgia” doesn’t generally have bad moments. It flows really well and you just let it play and relax, or do anything else while listening to it. The production is impressive, very solid, clean and massive, fact that, in addition with the solid playing of all members, keeps the listener’s interest undiminished until the end. ENFORCER is not reinventing the wheel, its purpose as a band is simply to keep the classic Metal sound alive and it is certainly one of the few who succeed. Their career till now shows it clearly.

I once again enjoyed an ENFORCER’s release! Just do the same!

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Antonis Livanios
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