ENEMY OF REALITY release new album “Where Truth May Lie” & official video for “Downfall”.

You are currently viewing ENEMY OF REALITY release new album “Where Truth May Lie” & official video for “Downfall”.

Yesterday (Friday, February 24th), Greek Symphonic Metallers ENEMY OF REALITY, have released their third full-length, “Where Truth May Lie”, via Vinyl Store. Read THEGALLERY.GR’s review on the album HERE.

“Where Truth May Lie” is another full concept album, this one based on a fictional story involving a Priest in ancient Greece, who is trying to find an answer for certain tragic events that destroyed his life, while several mythical forest creatures (known from Greek Mythology as Satyrs) claim that the only truth is hidden in music, dance, wine and erotic pleasures. To celebrate the release, the band also dropped an official video for new single “Downfall”, directed by Yiannis Margetousakis and Thanos Liberopoulos.

Cover artwork by Thoth Graphics

ENEMY OF REALITY comment: “Brothers and sisters, finally, it’s time for another tragic tale to unfold. The stars have aligned and as the Priest escapes through a wall of flames, he can only wander where truth may lie…”

The story of “Downfall”:
“📜 I am the Priest. At least that’s who I was. Until my daughter and wife, my entire world, were burned alive, lost into flames during their evening prayers. The fire of their offering candles sealed their fate. Overwhelmed by the horror of finding their burned bodies, denied of all I ever loved by the same gods I worshiped, I am now struggling to find a reason to exist. My faith, my hopes and dreams were all burned by this funeral pyre…Now, with no home left, I seek to find answers and meaning to my own existence…📜

“Where Truth May Lie” track listing:

  1. Final Prayer
  2. Downfall
  3. At the Edge of Madness
  4. The Vineyard Song
  5. Serenade of Death
  6. Ever-lusting
  7. Tears of Echo
  8. Long-forgotten
  9. Deliverance
  10. Goat-legged Deceiver
  11. Baptised in Fire

You can watch the offiical video for “Downfall” below:

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