ENDSEEKER to release “Global Worming” album in October – New single “Violence Is Gold” available.

You are currently viewing ENDSEEKER to release “Global Worming” album in October – New single “Violence Is Gold” available.

Germany’s ENDSEEKER are back with their fourth full-length album, “Global Worming”, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on October 27th. The band has uleashed an official video for its new single “Violence Is Gold”, produced by Dallas Dyer and Dave Alexander.

The band comments on the track: “This is a song about actual physical violence. Either in an environment of competition or combat. Two people fighting each other. No more words needed. Time for action. Without judgment though. Just the plain and simple aesthetics of physical confrontation of two individuals when there’s nothing left to say. It’s hard, it’s raw and it’s brutal.”

Death Metal is the great undead of subgenres: rising, again and again, to take revenge on the living with maximum violence. Servants of the zombie code and masters of old school brutality, Germany’s ENDSEEKER have made their intent to kill again more than apparent over the last nine years. Formed in Hamburg in 2014, the quintet have swiftly built a reputation as one of European Death Metal’s most dynamic wrecking crews.

From the aspirational evisceration of first full-length “Flesh Hammer Prophecy”, to Metal Blade debut “The Harvest” in 2019, and the widely acclaimed “Mount Carcass” two years later, ENDSEEKER have cooked up such a formidable formula that their rise to glory seems almost inevitable. But like everyone else, they were stopped in their tracks by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath. As that global horrorshow fades in the rear-view, ENDSEEKER are poised to return with their most crushing and charismatic album to date: ‘Global Worming”. As guitarist Ben explains, overcoming a host of new obstacles eventually led to a fruitful return to the studio.

Working once again with esteemed engineer and mixing maestro Eike Freese, Endseeker hit the studio like a nailbomb in a graveyard. The result is Global Worming – both the Germans’ finest creation to date and a pulverizing new template for Old School Death Metal. These nine new songs remain rooted in ENDSEEKER’s beloved bedrock of DISMEMBER-style savagery, but from the slithering monstrosity of the opening title track and the ultra-catchy stab ‘n’ stomp of “Hell Is Here”, to the neck-wrecking madness of “Our Only Life” and the epic grandiloquence of closer “Nemesis”, “Global Worming” is an unusually vivid and versatile piece of work.

“I guess our main goal was to write a record that was at least as good as ‘Mount Carcass’ and to follow the path we have set with that record even further,” says Ben. “We wanted the songwriting to be more on point while at the same time to be a bit wider when it comes to the boundaries of the Death Metal genre. We wanted the songs not only to be heavy and brutal but also to have a certain atmosphere to give them real depth.”

“Global Worming” track listing:

  1. Global Worming
  2. Hell Is Here
  3. Violence Is Gold
  4. Wheel of Torture
  5. C.B.V.
  6. Terror
  7. Hanging Gardens
  8. Our Only Life
  9. Nemesis

You can watch the official video for “Violence Is Gold” below:

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