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The other “Mega-Partner”, Grammy Award-winning Mr. Dave Ellefson, undoubtedly one of the leading bassists on metal rock and especially Thrash Metal, without resting on the laurels of another Mega Dave’s band (with M capital), decided once again gathering old friends (Jhon Bush, Eric A.K., Chris Poland, Mark Tremonti, DMC) and close associates Thom Hazaert (another great firm in the music industry as an author, derivative, record manager, etc.) and create a staff album with a handful of compositions, old Demos from old his Project, the F5 (Jimmy DeGrasso, Alex Skolnick, Mike Portnoy) and some remixes on the already existing tracks and we wonder if Mr. Ellefson is going through a middle-aged crisis.

Our reflection is based on the fact that the album is well below average both musically and synthetically and does not express clearly and does not correspond to the style of the band’s name. On the one hand, it is a good thing that Mr Ellefson is trying to “prove” something more synthetic, on the other hand, unfortunately, the sweet did not “bond” well this time.

The album – a “collection” of fifteen tracks, while it may include a variety of Thrash, AOR, Rock and “modern” Heavy Metal up to Rap Metal, is supposed to not annoy the listener, but unfortunately it creates a confusion in listening exactly for this reason, because it does not have a specific identity. The only songs that are worth a bit are: “Sleeping Giants” (ft. DMC) – a ΄Priest track with Rap vocals, “If You Were God” (ft. John Bush) “Faded” and “Hammer Down” – a song like is taken from ANTHRAX’s “Stomp 442” sessions. In addition, our skepticism is growing as the release of the album coincides with the release of Ellefson’s new biography (More Life With Deth) again curated by Thomas Hazaert.

It is a fact that David Ellefson is loved and liked, supported by musicians and fans. He has got support everywhere and then with Hail! (Tim “Ripper” Owens, Andreas Kisser – I was lucky enough to see them live on Kyttaro Club!) But also with Metal Allegiance, (Chuck Billy, Phil Anselmo, Bobby Blitz, etc.) but this time we will do “Eyes Off” and we will forgive for his “strokes”, listening to “Rust In Piece”, “Down Patrol”, “Symphony Of Destruction” as well as the first Metal Allegiance in its entity!


Nikos Mathiopoulos

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