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(Metal Blade Records)
Total Playing Time: 41:58

EXUMER is one of the few bands whose history make them unique. By beginning their career thirty-four years ago, then jumping to a hiatus from 1991 until 2012 when they released their comeback they managed to cause post-traumatic stress disorder to all the fans that loved them through their first two albums Possessed By Fire” (1985)and “Rising From The Sea” (1987). After that they made their aforementioned comeback by releasing two more amazing albums “Fire And Damnation” (2012) and “Raging Tides” (2016) and delivering old school thrash metal.

Despite their absence for the most part of their history EXUMER show great maturity in their composing skills as if they were together all the time and that’s the best part. With “Hostile Defiance” they breathe freshness and show us how easy it is for them to play great music as if they recorded the album in one take. And to be honest, I haven’t heard that kind of coolness and easiness in years. Mem Von Stein’s voice sounds clean and unpretentious but with such passion without even trying. The guitars, sharp and groovy create a variform mix that, in concerts, it’s gonna create a Champions League Finals feeling.

In general “Hostile Defiance” is a complete album that even the non-thrashers can enjoy (true story). I can’t believe there is going to be a single person who will not like “Dust Eater” or “Trapper”. Or even the self-titled track that starts the ball rolling with a kick in your face.

In the limited edition we get a surprisingly good cover on SCORPIONS’ “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man” and ENTOMBED’S “Supposed To Rot”.


Dimitris Synatikas


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