Dutch PHLEBOTOMIZED present music video for new single “Destined To Be Killed”.

You are currently viewing Dutch PHLEBOTOMIZED present music video for new single “Destined To Be Killed”.

Dutch Progressive Death Metal legends PHLEBOTOMIZED at the peak of their 30 year old career! For their third and final single from their upcoming album “Clouds Of Confusion” – out on May 26th via Hammerheart records – PHLEBOTOMIZED present “Destined To Be Killed”. This blisteringly fast song about transitioning to another phase in life is accompanied by an equally violent clip to get you in the mood.

“One part, destined to be killed”

PHLEBOTOMIZED is among the oldest Death Metal bands from Holland and one of the first using violin and synthesizers in Extreme Metal. Their typical “Death Metal with a twist” caused a stir in the booming Dutch Metal scene back in the early 90’s. Formed in 1989, PHLEBOTOMIZED started out as a Grindcore/Death Metal band, inspired by acts like MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS and PARADISE LOST. Later on, the band began to use keyboard and violin arrangements, resulting in their unique sound.

Cover artwork by Andreas Christanetoff (Armaada Art)

If you are a Death Metal fan that still craves for the 90’s, you need “Clouds Of Confusion”. It does not get better than this if you love what PHLEBOTOMIZED did in the past. If you need to bang your head check out “Clouds Of Confusion “ for some real Old School Death Metal. For those of you who need not mindlessly bang their head, who can allow things like atmosphere and intelligence to occasionally enter into your realm, you will really appreciate this just as well. But still, we would not justify what the band delivers on this great album, because there is so much more to hear and discover. Something that is rare these days, an album that grows, an album that reveals something new with each spin. Perhaps it is again an album ahead of its time, although it is definitely looking back in time just as well.

“Clouds Of Confusion” track listing:

  1. Bury My Heart
  2. Alternate Universe
  3. Lachrimae
  4. Desolate Wasteland
  5. Destined to Be Killed
  6. Pillar of Fire
  7. Bury My Heart Reprise
  8. Death Will Hunt You Down
  9. A Unity Your Messiah Pre Claimed?
  10. Dawn of Simplicity
  11. Context Is for Kings (Stupidity and Mankind)

You can watch the official video for “Destined To Be Killed” below:

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