Dust Bolt – Trapped In Chaos

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(Napalm Records)

Total Time: 38:33

DUST BOLT is a German Thrash Metal band. Since 2007 they have released one EP and four full-length albums. “Trapped In Chaos” is their fourth. They represent one of the bands which, a few years ago, together with SUICIDAL ANGELS, MUNICIPAL WASTE and WARBRINGER revived Bay Area Thrash Metal.

In “Trapped In Chaos” they offer us nine tracks and 38 minutes of quality Thrash Metal with main influences from SLAYER, METALLICA, DEATH ANGEL and TESTAMENT. I was impressed from the fact that the band, even if is comes from Germany, has no influences from the German Thrash Metal scene. DUST BOLT has focused a lot on the structuring of the songs so the listener never gets tired. Although the record is full of fast parts, constant change of rhythms with mid tempo parts, very good guitar work with sharp riffs and groovy heavy sound in order to catch the listener. A really good production underlines the excellent technical ability of the band members.

 “Trapped In Chaos” is the most serious work of DUST BOLT! A good Thrash Metal record that will make you headbbang. Ideal album for all fans of 80s Thrash/Crossover metal.

Rating: 6/10

Nikos Manousis

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