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(Nuclear Blast)
Total Playing Time: 13:25

Bands like VADER, manage to stay unharmed as time goes by. They are, what we call, invaluable.

Two years after the memorable “Dark Age” the guys from Poland return with an E.P. to promote their forthcoming album.

Personally, I was never a big fan of singles and E.P.s, because what you get from them, you will miss it from the joy of listening the full length. However, I will not dwell upon the release, but music itself.

What we get here is five tracks, from which, the three are brand new, one remix of “Litany” and a cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Steeler”.

“Grand Deceiver”, the first track is a classic old school death metal track with balls. It opens the E.P. with the best possible way and then passes the baton to the remix of “Litany” (it now sounds exactly how it was supposed to sound). “Emptiness” is a fast-paced track and will remind you of good old thrash days, and “Despair” even though it lasts for only one minute and twenty seconds, manages to make you go wild.

Now, as far as the cover of “Steeler” is concerned, it is a great cover. VADER

Respect the original track by not altering the composition.

“Thy Messenger” as a whole, is a good release that doesn’t lack in any field. Great sound and production, amazing compositions is what makes this E.P. a representative sample of what they can do. Still we have to wait for the full legth album, which by the time this review is being written, it has been completed.

Dimitris Synatikas

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