DROWN IN SULPHUR to release “Dark Secrets Of The Soul” in January.

You are currently viewing DROWN IN SULPHUR to release “Dark Secrets Of The Soul” in January.

Italian Blackened Deathcore act DROWN IN SULPHUR, will release its new album “Dark Secrets Of The Soul” on January 12th through Scarlet Records. The band has dropped an official video for new single “Eclipse Of The Sun Of Eden”, directed by Riccardo Ibatici/Dite Communication.

Perfectly balanced between modern, razor-sharp Deathcore brutality & bone-chilling 90s Black Metal atmospheres, the new DROWN IN SULPHUR album is a collection of violent and melodic dark songs that introduces the listener to an esoteric experience, touching the deepest and most controversial aspects of the human soul.

Cover artwork by Alvaro Valverde/Av Art Ilustracion

Sharing the stage with genre’s titans like WHITECHAPEL, CARNIFEX, RINGS OF SATURN, AVERSION CROWN and I DECLARE WAR gave DROWN IN SULPHUR the opportunity to become a well-oiled live unit and further develop their own stylistic approach at the same time.

“Dark Secrets Of The Soul” is an introspective journey in search of man’s spiritual elevation, taking as reference the image of the “vampire communion”, alternating anger, despair and rebellion and moving on to more fragile moments until the very final redemption.

“Dark Secrets Of The Soul” track listing:

  1. Adveniat Regnum Tuum
  2. Eclipse of the Sun of Eden
  3. Buried by Snow and Hail
  4. Unholy Light
  5. Lotus
  6. Dark Secrets of the Soul
  7. Say My Name
  8. Vampire Communion
  9. Shadow of the Dark Throne

You can watch the official video for “Eclipse Of The Sun Of Eden” below:

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