Dissolution – Insects and Interlopers

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Total Running Time:39:56

Canadian Death Metal quartet DISSOLUTION came out of the dark with their fourth album “Insects and Interlopers” in which they play melodic progressive Death Metal.

The melodic elements are similar to classic Death Metal bands and to bands like IN FLAMES, with dissonant runs of harmony and melody spliced in between riffs in a way you might hear out of DEATH, DYING FETUS, CARCASS and NECROPHAGIST.

While DISSOLUTION is not aiming to be a “tech-death” band, the guitar work is nonetheless reasonably technical, and very well played. The vocals are a little muddy when they take the form of a very deep growl, but the mid-range growl is very well done. Sometimes the Canadians used Power Metal vocs and the result reminds us CONTROL DENIED in a way. The drumming itself is fast and precise, keeping up with the fast pace and occasionally rhythm changes.

Overall, I was not disappointed from this release and I think that you’d feel the same way. It may not be “original” and new but it is quality metal. Unless you don’t like Death Metal, this is a fine album and you should give it a try at some moment

Rating: 6,5/10

Nikos Manousis


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