DÉCEMBRE NOIR release the title track of their upcoming album “Your Sunset | My Sunrise”.

You are currently viewing DÉCEMBRE NOIR release the title track of their upcoming album “Your Sunset | My Sunrise”.

DÉCEMBRE NOIR, have shared the title track of their forthcoming album “Your Sunset | My Sunrise”, set for release on October 13th via Lifeforce Records.

As for the direction of their new album, DÉCEMBRE NOIR reveal the following: “ ‘Your Sunset | My Sunrise’ is the cry for inner peace set to music. A heavy heart full of tears, which threatens to plunge its bearer into the abyss at any moment. Even if this means giving up oneself, in the end only the long-awaited silence counts. It is the escape on the wings of addiction from the battlefield of never-ending depression.”

The approach of the band from Thuringia, Germany also reaches deep on their fifth full-time album – both lyrically and musically. This is already known from the previous records “The Renaissance Of Hope” (2020), “Autumn Kings” (2018), “Forsaken Earth” (2016) and “A Discouraged Believer” (2014). DÉCEMBRE NOIR act consistently atmospheric, gloomily tuned and open to interpretation. The underlying thoughts, emotions and intentions of the songs of the quintet are not always clearly determinable. And they don’t have to be. For the nuances and forebodings set to music have a special significance in the German band’s playing.

What once started between Doom and Death Metal, has developed over the years and releases to an independent, organic gloomy sound, which achieves its ominous effect space and its captivating fascination quite independently of liking or style questions. On “Your Sunset | My Sunrise”, produced by HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s Alexander Dietz at his Chemical Burn Studio, DÉCEMBRE NOIR again rely on melancholic as well as melodically addressed pieces that stand completely on their own and therefore captivate because they are presented so heavy, dark and atmospheric.

“Your Sunset | My Sunrise” track listing:

  1. Dead End
  2. Against the Daylight
  3. Your Sunset | My Sunrise
  4. Sentimental Giants
  5. Sleepwalker – In Yesterday’s Smoke
  6. Trivial Heart

You can listen to “Your Sunset | My Sunrise” in the following video:

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