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(Self released)
Συνολική Διάρκεια: 44:29

Soooooo. It is my pleasure to introduce to you DAEMONIC DREAMS. They come from Germany and they are labeled as a melodic Death Metal band. Yes you get that right. Highly influenced by the Finnish death metal scene with some kind of CHILDREN OF BODOM style and that’s it. The band was created in 2017 and all the members are ex members of NIFLHEL, also a melodic Death Metal band and as you can think from their name, they have the lyrical concept of Vikings. So farm they have 2 albums, one released in 2016 and one in 2019. Let’s go to the band we present here though…

“Hellbound” is the band’s debut and it was released exactly one month before (on the 2nd of June), so as you can imagine, it is super fresh. Let’s go then… The album contains 11 tracks (actually 10 plus the album intro) and as I already wrote above, it is labeled as melodic Death Metal. On one hand, I wanna be strict, but on the other I am very excited about this album, because it is a damn good one! The guys worked a lot for this and it shows, nice production for a debut album, at various points some female vocals can be heard, thus giving a bit of extra atmosphere and it is an album very promising for the future.

I will bother you no more. If it happens to find it somewhere, do not let it slip away. I want to believe that we will get to listen again from them in the near future and I certainly hope so, because they deserve it. DEAMONIC DREAMS ladies and gents. Keep your ears open.

Nick “Yngve” Samios

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