Illdisposed – Reveal Your Soul For The Dead

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 42:43
Label: Massacre Records

ILLDISPOSED is a Death Metal band from Denmark with 30 years of existence. They have released 14 albums (including “Reveal Your Soul for the Dead”) and one EP. A very active band with quality in their releases. During the last decade they may have modernized their sound and became more melodic but from 2014 and the album “With the Lost Souls on Our Side” the band tries to return to his roots.

The album starts with “Reveal Your Soul” intro and from the first song “…For The Dead” the album reveals its deadly power. ILLDISPOSED enjoys playing aggressive and, in conjunction with Summer’ s growls, this aggression is reflected in the album’s sound. However, there is always a melodic aspect in them, which we can hear in songs like “This is Our Calling For the End ” and in the awesome “All |Is Sworn” which turns the album from a riff orgy in a more groove Metal release, fact that may aim to a different target group besides Death Metal fans.

So, “Reveal Your Soul For The Dead” is a direct and Modern Death Metal record which is dominated by furious guitars and fast aggressive drums. Main characteristic of the album and the first thing that sticks in your mind as you listen is the fantastic performance of Summer on vocals, as it gives the impression that his voice guides the whole album. As for the production, I will mention one name: Dan Swano. The legendary producer is responsible for mixing and mastering resulting in a really heavy and brutal sound!

“Reveal Your Soul for the Dead” is a good Death Metal album and proves that, although the band has reached their 14 album, they are not tired, being in a mood to bleed our ears! I hope that with this record they will finally gain more attention in Europe, because they deserve it!

Rating : 7/10

Nikos Manousis

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