Greek Melodic Death Metallers AETHERIAN drop an animated video for new single “ΠΥΡ ΑΕΝΑΟΝ”.

You are currently viewing Greek Melodic Death Metallers AETHERIAN drop an animated video for new single “ΠΥΡ ΑΕΝΑΟΝ”.

Greek Melodic Death Metallers AETHERIAN, have revealed “ΠΥΡ ΑΕΝΑΟΝ”, the second single from their forthcoming album “At Storm’s Edge”, which will be released on July 14th of via Lifeforce Records. The new single comes with an official animated video created by HK Visual Creations.

“In every myth and every legend, across vast continents and raging seas, through the ages they are preserved. Looming over empires, igniting revolutions, destroying civilizations. Where the perpetual flames awoke, what was built, is no more.“

Cover artwork: “Les Fleurs du Mal” by Yoann Lossel – New logo by Christophe Szpajdel

In Μelo-Death circles, AETHERIAN’s debut album, released at the end of 2017, is considered a surprise success. On the one hand, “The Untamed Wilderness” has attracted attention because hardly anyone had the Greeks on their radar. On the other hand, the quintet from Athens, active since 2013, has convinced with a sovereign debut that was equal to Nordic scene greats like INSOMNIUM, DARK TRANQUILLITY and OMNIUM GATHERUM.

The positive reception of their debut serves as an impetus for the southern European group to continue to improve and present an even stronger sophomore album. AETHERIAN do not rest on their laurels. No sooner said than done.

In 2016 they recorded a new single alongside a video clip called “The Rain” which drew attention and signified the beginning of their journey. ”The Rain” made a huge impact in a very short time on social media and the underground scene, currently reaching 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Listening to “At Storm’s Edge”, one notices several things: the musicians individually act both more precisely and more playfully. At the same time, the group play sounds even more exciting and distinctive. Especially the majestic melodic guitar leads, the driving drumming and the throaty growls stand out. In the compositional area AETHERIAN apply their storyteller approach variable and song-serving. Despite considerable playing times, the album’s eight tracks come across as focused and urgent. Acoustic accents and a fine feeling for special atmospheres additionally distinguish the playing of the five Greeks.

“At Storm’s Edge” was recorded at Devasoundz studios and produced by Fotis Benardo (NIGHTFALL ex- SEPTICFLESH). AETHERIAN are not content with a spectator role on the sidelines, but pushes forward into the center in every respect and goes into full swing. Melo-Death fans beware – don’t be caught off guard again!

“At Storm’s Edge” track listing:

  1. Forgotten Oaths
  2. Army of Gaia
  3. Πυρ Αεναον
  4. At Storm’s Edge
  5. Advent Dreams
  6. Astral Breath
  7. Soulriver
  8. Starlit Shores

You can watch the official animated video for “Piece By Stinking Piece” below:

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