Innovative Metal Duo XANXIA unleash lyric video for “Treta Yuga”.

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Innovative and trailblazing Metal duo XANXIA has unleashed an official lyric video for “Treta Yuga”. The track is taken from their debut album “Maha Kalpa”, which will be re-issued on May 5th through Wormholedeath Records.

The video is an intense journey through the mesmerizing universe of XANXIA’s music and showcases the band’s ability to create a unique sound.

Cover artwork by Alexander Hordeman

“Maha Kalpa” tells a universal tale of time and consciousness inspired by the idea of a great cycle of Yugas, originating in Hinduism. Beginning in the golden age, and spanning all the way through the decline and destruction of the universe and its eventual resurgence, XANXIA outlines a miraculously complex story of the nature of being.

The band’s lineup consists of Adam Zuccaro (guitar, drums, vocals) and Jason Mingalone (guitar, bass, vocals), who have collectively crafted an album that pushes the boundaries of Progressive Metal. Crushing rhythms, expressive, dynamic melodies, and dark, unnerving drones and growls all come together to form ΧΑΝΧΙΑ’s unique sound.

“Maha Kalpa” track listing:

  1. Kalpa
  2. Satya Yuga
  3. Treta Yuga
  4. Dvapara Yuga
  5. Kali Yuga
  6. Devadatta
  7. Seventy One
  8. Pralaya

You can watch the official lyric video for “Treta Yuga” below:

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