Xentrix – Bury The Pain

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 51:11
Label: Listenable Records

Today, my fellow readers, we will go to England.  You know, the country that gave us BLACK SABBATH, CRADLE OF FILTH, SKYCLAD and countless more bands. I can’t mention them all; you will be reading for hours. XENTRIX ladies and gentlemen. New album (okay it is from 2019, but new nevertheless), the first from “Scourge” of 1996!!! The band was formed in 1985 as SWEET VENGEANCE, they kept that name until 1988 and to this day they exist as XENTRIX. With many ups and downs over the years, with several “breaks” between and after 4 records and 1 EP, we have “Bury The Pain”.  Let’s dive into it…

I’ll start with the cover artwork. Along with the title, what I personally “see”, is that the demons in each of us do not let us bury or chase away what hurts and torments us. It could be the little angel and the little devil, but here unfortunately for the poor man in the cover, we have two demons… Musically, I will say that finally the band has a proper production. Proper, in the sense that everything sounds right, it’s not something too loud or too low, and we finally enjoy the Thrash Metal that they generously offer us. Thrash Metal I said and fortunately well played. In my ears, it brings melodies and sounds from ANNIHILATOR (“Waking The Fury” era mainly and later), a few bits from SACRED REICH, some from TESTAMENT, add some EXODUS too and the recipe is completed. Melodies with double guitars and the drums throwing in skunk beats and everyone gets in the mosh pit. The vocals are nice, a bit monotonous in places, but I think we’re okay with that, aren’t we? Monotonous in the sense that due to the structure mainly in the verses, they are a bit predictable. In the choruses, however, we have melodic vocals, nice lines and the balance is restored. Regarding the bass, it mainly follows the guitar lines, but it also plays things where you don’t expect it and I personally raised an eyebrow several times. To emphasize the “follows the guitar lines” though, I mean ALL and the guitar parts, and the riffing is not always a simple one. In the drums now, FINALLY, Thrash Metal phrases and beats return with whatever that includes. In their last albums, the drumming was simpler, without changing the music style though, but for me something was missing. Well done to the guys.

Closing this review, I will say that as a come-back album, because that is what it is after so many years, the goal has been achieved. Strong album, nice production and many moments in it made for moshing. We are expecting their new album soon, at least I am. I hope they don’t let the years go by like that again.

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Nick Samios
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