WORMHOLE Tech-Slam the System on first single from “Almost Human”.

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WORMHOLE play by their own rules. When they’re not schooling fools at Nintendo or throwing on the odd Saturday morning cartoon, the band are out scrambling brains with a homemade combo Slam of Brutal, Technical Death Metal. Or, as they call it, Tech Slam. For the past eight years, they’ve been fine-tuning their signature moves both in and outside of Baltimore. Now, with “Almost Human”, they’re ready to erupt from the underground. “Almost Human” will be released on September 22nd, 2023 by Season Of Mist.

“System Erase” is the first song on “Almost Human” and it zips the whole tech-slam experience into one tightly clenched polygon fist. Brothers Sanil and Sanjay Kumar shoot off lazer beams of glitchy guitar dissonance. Drummer Matt Tillett, along with bassist Basil Chiasson, pilot through two or three different time shifts before the breakdown comes and swallows you up with the slow, crushing force of a black hole. At the center of this vortex are the disgusting, bottomless grunts of Julian Kersey, who joined WORMHOLE around the same time that the band signed to Season Of Mist last year. Every one of WORMHOLE’s superpowers come together on “System Erase”, surging into one great big ball of pissed-off energy, like Samus charging up her arm cannon. There’s no ceiling they can’t slam through.

Cover artwork by Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration)

Here’s what WORMHOLE have to say about the single: “ ‘System Erase’ explores man’s need for idol worship. In this story, man’s admiration for power and beauty has led him to spend his existence worshiping an entity he saw, only for an instant, eons ago. What of the entity? Did it even notice him? Does it care for man as man cares for it?

“Almost Human” track listing:

  1. System Erase
  2. Elysiism
  3. Spine Shatter High-Velocity Impact
  4. Data Fortress Orbital Stationary
  5. Delta Labs
  6. Almost Human
  7. Bleeding Teeth Fungus
  8. The Grand Oscillation

You can watch the official video for “System Erase” below:

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