UNVERKALT unveil new single “Loathe & Love”.

You are currently viewing UNVERKALT unveil new single “Loathe & Love”.

Greek Post Metallers UNVERKALT, has dropped an official visualizer for their new single “Loathe & Love”. In the meantime they announce the release of their sophomore album entitled “A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers”, which is due to be out on October 20th via Argonauta Records.

The band comments: “Ranging from love and healing to rot and decay, ‘Loathe & Love’ is transitioning into a ‘different world’ where vulnerability and violence are interplaying. Fragments of light can emerge even when a manipulative and narcissistic nature exerting control over you.

Beyond good and evil and moral boundaries, even in the face of profound darkness, only his own reflection can bring him face to face with his distorted self-perception.”

“Loathe & Love” combines the characteristic sound of UNVERKALT with new experimental additions from the Alternative and Avant-garde music scene and with the intensity of emotions playing a primary role already from the first sample of the upcoming album. It is inspired by the dark 70s, which affected people’s minds and actions and became a nightmare for many even today.

UNVERKALT’s music combines various genres, such as Doom, Post Metal, Avant-garde and Alternative, offering a unique and multidimensional soundscape. Through the combined influence of these musical genres, UNVERKALT create a dark, melancholic sound. The lyrics and music capture the human soul, the darker aspects of human existence and the actions that can affect and deeply harm each of us.

You can watch the official visualizer for “Loathe & Love” below:

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