Unverkalt – A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 46.54
Label: Argonauta Records

The Greek Post – Alternative Metal band UNVERKALT is a very special case. They have stated in the past that they do not like labels in music and they try to show that through their music which is extremely unique, a fact that none can deny whether you like their music or not.

I belong to those who like their music although their style is not at the top of my musical preferences. But every time I happen to listen to their albums, either “L’ Orgine Du Monde” or their new “A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers”, I travel back in time, to a different era. This is the result of two things…. Their post rock guitars and the captivating voice of Dimitra Kalavrezou who is the most suitable singer for this project. She manages to express the emotional rollercoaster from song to song, create a retro atmosphere that goes back to the 70s and mostly a cinematic feeling enhancing the listener’s experience. Even the album’s cover radiated this nostalgic aesthetics. The first single, “Loathe & Love”, is probably the catchiest (always hated this word but anyway…) song, but someone must listen to this album in its entirety and treat it as an undivided piece of art.

I just need to say that UNVERKALT are also amazing on stage managing to transfer the above atmosphere to the audience mainly thanks to Dimitra’s aetherial presence, but also due to the flawless and coordinated performance of the rest of the band members. Highly recommended for those who want to escape from their comfort zone and broaden their music horizons.

Rating: 7,5 / 10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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