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Total Time: 38:28

Here we are dealing with a very hardworking and productive Canadian band called TOMB MOLD.. They exist since 2015 and over the past four years they have managed to release three albums, in which they are constantly evolving. Their latest effort is “Planetary Clairvoyance” in which they evolve their style even further.

TOMB MOLD play old-school Death Metal with lots of Doom Metal influences. For those who haven’t listened to them yet, we might say that they are reminiscent of INCANTATION but not to the point of copying them, because they have added enough of their own musical character to make their sound unique. The listener realizes very soon that there is an improvement, both synthetically but also in the production of the album. Their compositions are now more technical adding some atmospheric elements. These elements create the atmosphere needed to tie in the album’s “sci-fi” concept, and it is clear that production had to be cleaned up in order to emerge. The highlight of this effort is the song that closes the album, the awesome “Heat Death”.

Overall this is a pure Death Metal album with very good songs such as the opening “Beg for Life” where they have managed to squeeze in all the elements that characterize the Canadians, the self-titled song with the covered melodies and its last killer riff and the excellent “Infinite Resurrection ”.

To sum up we should say that “Planetary Clairvoyance” is undoubtedly a worthwhile work that manages to be modern, sounding at the same time like it was released twenty years ago! Personally, I add this release in my favorite albums of this year! I want to believe that we will hear news oftenly from TOMB MOLD and that inspiration and hard work will reward them at the end.

Rating: 8/10

Giannis Karakasis

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