The Troops Of Doom – The Rise Of Heresy (EP)

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Year: 2020
Total Time: 22:20
Label: Blood Blast Distribution

THE TROOPS OF DOOM come from Brazil and they were created very recently, just in 2019, with the band’s leader being familiar to us from many years ago. I am very sure that there is not a single metal fan who hasn’t thought of SEPULTURA when he saw the band’s name and not unfairly of course. So, in this case we are dealing with the new band of the former SEPS’ guitarist Jairo Guedz (Jairo Tormentor). Jairo participated in “Bestial Devastation” and “Morbid Visions” albums while he also had a small contribution to “Schizophrenia” album, but he left the group before the album was completed.

“The Rise of Heresy” includes four new songs and two covers of SEPULTURA. THE TROOPS OF DOOM’s compositions are a furious Death/Thrash torrent of 80’s ready to drown the listener! It derives their inspiration from the first four SEPS’ albums. Stormy riffs and rhythms which are also influenced by SLAYER and POSSESED while in “Whispering Dead Words” we also hear CELTIC FROST’s influences, aggressively songs but at the same time nostalgically traveling  us in the years when Death Metal took its first steps. The two cover songs (“Bestial Devastation”, “Troops of Doom”) have been played almost like the originals with a little more touch of aggression and better production.

While SEPULTURA have completely moved away from their original sound (for which we loved them) and CAVALERA brothers have been totally modernized, Mr Jairo Tormentor offers us quality old school Death/Thrash Metal straight from the depths of Amazon! “The Rise of Heresy” is a powerful punch speaking directly to the hearts and feelings of all old Brazilian fans (SEPS) by offering us what we have been asking for, since 1996.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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