THE HALO EFFECT release new single “The Needless End”.

You are currently viewing THE HALO EFFECT release new single “The Needless End”.

THE HALO EFFECT – Jesper Strömblad (In Flames 1990-2010), Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY), Peter Iwers (IN FLAMES 1997-2016), Daniel Svensson (IN FLAMES 1998-2015) and Niclas Engelin (IN FLAMES1997-98/2011) – will release their debut album, “Days Of The Lost”, on August 12th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the band release the new single, “The Needless End”.

Mikael Stanne comments: ” ‘The Needless End’ deals with the crippling inability to deal with abstract problems. Issues that just seem too huge or incomprehensible falls by the wayside in order to deal with more immediate but less important issues. We end up somewhere not because we want to but because we were unable to understand what we needed to do. There is an intensity to this song and a uplifting melody that I think suits this idea. Among all the anger and resentment it’s also hopeful and has an infectious groove and drive.”

Cover artwork by Adrian Baxter

The initial thought behind THE HALO EFFECT was to go back to the roots and explore the classic Gothenburg Sound. The band delivers the goods in a brutally efficient display of heart pounding beats, melodic mayhem and furious growling at its best and the result is an exceptional sound to fans of Melodeath, where the echoes of the Gothenburg Sound are evident.

“Days Of The Lost” track listing:

  1. Shadowminds
  2. Days of the Lost
  3. The Needless End
  4. Conditional
  5. In Broken Trust
  6. Gateways
  7. A Truth Worth Lying For
  8. Feel What I Believe
  9. Last of Our Kind
  10. The Most Alone

You can listen to “The Needless End” in the following video:

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