THE DEVIL’S TRADE to release “Vidékek Vannak Idebenn” album in July.

You are currently viewing THE DEVIL’S TRADE to release “Vidékek Vannak Idebenn” album in July.

Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE will release its brand new album “Vidékek Vannak Idebenn”, on July 14th via Season Of Mist. In celebration, THE DEVIL’S TRADE unleashed the first track “Flashing Through The Lack Of Light”, which comes in the form of a stunning music video.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE mastermind Dávid Makó comments on the album and track: ” ‘Vidékek Vannak Idebenn’ (There’s Landscapes Within) arrived in my life at a time and space where the more than decade-long period leading up to this phase in life ended, but the following one, the homecoming was albeit visible, but hasn’t yet started. This paralyzed state of floating wasn’t enough for me to make a record, I had to switch from the well-functioning, unconscious creation to a different way and to different depths.

‘Flashing Trough The Lack Of Light’ is one of the most peaceful songs I have ever written. In this period of my life, I finally see a way out from the city far from people back to the mountains and the river where I spent the most beautiful and influential times of my childhood. This exodus is the manifestation of what I have been focusing on mentally and psychically for the last few years. This song is about finding my inner peace.”

Cover artwork by Bálint Benkő (Volume Of Voids)

THE DEVIL’S TRADE recently announced a massive European run supporting ALCEST.

Dávid Makó comments: “My next album and the new path I chose with it is the biggest step I have taken since I started THE DEVIL’S TRADE and I can’t be grateful enough to ALCEST for this opportunity to share my new music with their people.”

“Vidékek Vannak Idebenn” track listing:

  1. Felkelék én
  2. Flashing Through the Lack of Light
  3. Vidékek vannak idebenn
  4. Clear Like the Wind
  5. Liminal
  6. Fordulj kedves lovam
  7. All Kings Must Fall
  8. Új hajnal már nem jő

You can watch the official video for “Flashing Through The Lack Of Light” below:

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