THE DEVIL’S TRADE & JOHN CXNNOR release live video for the song “Three Orphans”.

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Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE has teamed up with industrial noise duo JOHN CXNNOR for the recording of a brand new live album, “John Cxnnor X The Devil’s Trade – Live at Roadburn”. The in 2022 recorded live album will be released on April 21, 2023 via Season of Mist (digital) and Pelagic Records (physical). They also released a live video for the second track “Three Orphans”.

For over two decades, Roadburn Festival has been a driving force in the international music scene. The organisation led by artistic director Walter Hoejimakers commissions special pieces and collaborations under the motto of ‘Redefining Heaviness’ in order to stimulate innovation and creativity in the underground music scene. The convergence of Danish electro-industrial duo John Cxnnor with Hungarian doom-folk artist The Devil’s Trade is one prime example of how powerful these collaborations can be, and those who were present at this already legendary show in Tilburg can attest to that.

Unlike many other live records, this set is captured and excellently produced down to the fnest level of detail. On centrepiece «Lullaby», the trio seem to have perfected their defnition of heaviness, with heavy bass blasts beyond anything you’ve heard before booming from the speakers.

Together John Cxnnor and The Devil’s Trade reach new heights in their respective trades capturing both the pressing darkness that gathers ‘round a bonfre at night as well as the void darkness of deep space.

“John Cxnnor X The Devil’s Trade – Live at Roadburn” track listing:

Side A:

  1. The Call Of The Doom Mons
  2. I Can Slow Down Time Pt.3
  3. Dead Sister Merope

Side B:

  1. Lullaby
  2. Drone Hunter Pt.2
  3. Three Orphans

You can watch the live video for “Three Orphans” below:

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