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Year: 2022
Total Time: 46.44
Label: Alone Records

The heavy metal band TERRASOUND is a band formed in 2020 by Antonis Kapsalis and Thanasis Kakafikas in guitars and Vasilis Kakafikas in vocals, bass, drum programming and keyboards. This year, they released an EP “Tidal Nights” and then their first full length album called “Abstract Portrait”.

First of all I have to begin with the amazing artwork of the album. The cover artwork is excellent and the cd is accompanied by a 12-page booklet with the lyrics and drawings made by Vasilis Kakafikas who seems to be the mastermind of the band. An intact professional production since the guys seems to have taken care of everything.

I listened to the album several times and, to be honest, I have mixed feelings. It is a truly diverse album… mostly Heavy Metal but with elements of Prog, Doom, Death etc. Basically the title of the album is accurate since the listener cannot form a clear image of the orientation of the album. Personally, this is something that does not suit me. There are songs that could (and will) play in the repeat mode like “Fire of Destiny” and others that will go unnoticed like “Dream of a New Light”, mostly because they do not fit in musically.

Nevertheless, this album carries some very good elements, TERRASOUND focus on orchestral music in many parts of their songs, leaving vocals in the background. I will give them credits for a very beautiful and diverse seven-nimute instrumental song called “Word of the Sword”. Vocals are good although in a couple of songs less effects could be used.

The guys are full of ideas and talent but in my opinion I would prefer to see them focus on a more specific sound. One thing is certain…listening to “Abstract Portrait” made me curious for their next albums in order to find out if this “abstract music painting” was by choice or randomly made…

Rating: 6,5/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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