Sulphuric Night – Black Metal Tyranny (EP)

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Year: 2023
Total Time:10:30
Label: Black Gangrene Productions

SULPHURIC NIGHT comes from Bosnia. The band was formed in 2018 and is one of the dozen projects by the musician Osman Ramadanović, who is responsible for everything around the band. Their discography includes just one full-length album, entitled “Forever Cursed”, which was released in 2019. The band’s discography is completed by three splits, one compilation and three EPs with the most recent being released this year with the title “Black Metal Tyranny”. It should be mentioned that the band’s debut album created some noise in the underground scene while the band is also participating in Black Plague Circle community, which includes Black Metal bands from Bosnia. Regarding “Black Metal Tyranny”, it was released only in a 7′ version, being true to the spirit of the underground! It includes only two new compositions.

The two songs are similar to the musical character of the band, something that means that O. is offering us two new compositions of intense and raw Black Metal. Some strong influences from the Finnish Black Metal scene and more specific from SARGEIST can be found here, while in “As Death Inhales All (Black Winds of Suffering)” we can hear some elements from early BURZUM. Of course, both compositions are in fast tempo rhythm with lo-fi guitars. The difference from the previous release of SULPHURIC NIGHT (the split with BORDA’s ROPE), applies in the fact that in “Black Metal Tyranny” we hear more melodies. In fact, these melodies have a melancholic feeling, without subtracting the band’s aggressive Black Metal character.

As we wait for SULPHURIC NIGHT’s next full-length, Osman fills the gap with this new release, which presents us the band’s compositional progress, without differs from his stark and aggressive identity, proving that the expectations they created with “Forever Cursed” were not a random or an occasional event.  “Black Metal Tyranny” is an absolute savage imprint of its title, faithful to the principles and values of Black Metal. The presence of bands like SULPHURIC NIGHT is a highlight for this genre and especially in 2023! As it is written on the back cover of the EP, this is the True Bosnian Black Metal! A quite common statement, as every band mentions that it is “true”, but however only a few can support it and SULPHURIC NIGHT are one of them!

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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