Soilwork – Verkligheten

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(Nuclear Blast)

Total Playing Time: 50:16

I loved SOILWORK mainly for the “Chainheart Machine”, “A Predator’s Portrait” and ”Figure Number Five” albums. Their subsequent jobs were valued without being able to impress me. Until a few weeks ago, when it came to my ears their last album called “Verkligheten. After 10-15 listening sessions I’m sure that this is the best SOILWORK’s album so far. And it’s one of the best and most complete albums that have been released the last years, in general.

Their compositions are unique. Speed’s vocals are enjoyable, either brutal or clean. The bridges of the choruses are so catchy that they stuck in your mind and you want to sing them constantly. The speeds are sometimes mid-tempoed and others they touch Death-Black boundaries. This album has many good songs that make you want to hear them over and over again! SOILWORK are visionaries and unique. Listen to songs like “Stålfågel”, “Full Moon Shoals”, “Arrival”. Those are one of a kind!

SOILWORK proved once again that their composing ability to write catchy songs is unique as they combine speed, melody, technique, modern sound, variety of vocal lines and addictive choruses that you want to hear again and again.

Tolis Evagelou

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