UK Thrash/Death-Metal act SLAVE STEEL presents official video for “F(r)ail”.

You are currently viewing UK Thrash/Death-Metal act SLAVE STEEL presents official video for “F(r)ail”.

UK Thrash/Death-Metal force SLAVE STEEL proudly presents the music video for “F(r)ail”. Directed by Lorenzo Gorini and written by Daniele Manganaro and Pil Nazar, this visually and musically captivating masterpiece delves deep into the intricate dance of life’s highs and lows.

The band comments: “In a perpetual cycle of highs and lows, we crawl through life. We rise and fall, laugh and cry, come to life and die. It is not only a human condition but nature’s too, where order alternates with chaos and light gives way to dark. All the inevitable that makes us feel so frail.

The music video was shot in the historic setting of St Botolph-without-Aldersgate’s Church, London, UK, and features the artistry of makeup artists Caitlin Ross and Andreia Somaiah, as well as a dedicated crew including Ilaria Foresi, Miriam Demir, Linda Latino and Giulia Ferrero.

“F(r)ail” is a standout track from the album “In Fieri”, which was released on September 15th via Wormholedeath Records.

Save the date for the CD launch on October 27th via Wormholedeath/Aural Music. “In Fieri” embodies SLAVE STEEL’s unrelenting drive to redefine metal music. Embracing influences from Thrash, Death and Heavy Metal, their sound is characterized by a steady rhythm section, infectious guitar grooves, and impressive vocals.

“In Fieri” track listing:

  1. Wake Up the Atom
  2. 2 Hours
  3. Sorry About Death
  4. Warm Up
  5. In Fieri
  6. Burden
  7. Kantharos
  8. What a Wreckage
  9. F(r)ail

You can watch the official video for “F(r)ail” below:

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