SKELETAL REMAINS unveil music video for new single “Relentless Appetite”.

You are currently viewing SKELETAL REMAINS unveil music video for new single “Relentless Appetite”.

American Death Metal act, SKELETAL REMAINS, has unveiled an official video for “Relentless Appetite”, the new single from their upcoming album “Fragments Of The Ageless”, set for release on March 8th via Century Media.

SKELETAL REMAINS prepare another Death Metal assault on “Fragments Of The Ageless”. The lineup of Chris Monroy (guitars/vocals), Mike De La O (guitars), Pierce Williams (drums), and Brian Rush (bass) embody the genre, going deeper, darker, and to the edges of brutality.

“Fragments Of The Ageless is a pummelling slab of pure Death Metal,” says the band. “A tyrannical blast-laden barrage of no-frills riffs and compositions. Everything about this album is f*cking brutal and in your face.”

Cover artwork by Dan Seagrave

SKELETAL REMAINS wrote “Fragments Of The Ageless” between European and US tours/festivals with EMPEROR, MORBID ANGEL, MORTICIAN, LEFT TO DIE and DEFEATED SANITY among others. The songwriting sessions were characterized by a no-limit mindset, where creativity and known genre rituals were given equal footing. The outcome was not just a definitive death metal showpiece, but an evolution.

“We took things up a notch and really dialed in on the technicality and ever-increasing intensity while still maintaining catchiness,” the group comments. “With each new record, we strive to better ourselves in our musicianship and songwriting capabilities. On one end, we’ve increased in density and brutality, and on the other, we wrote a few songs with longer and more ‘epic’ structures.”

The lyrical themes of “Fragments Of The Ageless” span folklore, science fiction, history, and personal struggle. They were inspired by the striking Dan Seagrave (ENTOMBED, MEMORIAM) cover art. The album was co-produced by the band and studio maven Dan Swanö (OPETH, INCANTATION), who also mixed and mastered.

“Fragments Of The Ageless” track listing:

  1. Relentless Appetite
  2. Cybernetic Harvest
  3. To Conquer the Devout
  4. Forever in Sufferance
  5. Verminous Embodiment
  6. Ceremony of Impiety
  7. Void of Despair
  8. Unmerciful
  9. …Evocation (The Rebirth)
  10. Messiah of Rage (HATE ETERNAL cover)

You can watch the official video for “Relentless Appetite” below:

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