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(Gates Of Hell)
Συνολικός Χρόνος: 40:09

My editor called me last night with the new albums that had to be reviewed “You ‘re gonna review this and that for this week”, and I said “Ok, even though I don’t like that band I’m gonna do it”. But how is one supposed to do a review he doesn’t want, when there is another band that plays so damn good??! And that band is called SKELATOR.

SKELATOR is classic. SKELATOR is Heavy. SKELATOR is Metal (if you don’t know them, they were formed in 1998). The first track of the album might make you say “I’ve heard that before”, but as it progresses, it makes you love them even if they sound old school. The Maiden-ish riffs and the Priest-ish vocals will travel you back to the 80s, make you put on your tight sleeveless white t-shirt and your skinny jeans and headbang as if there’s no tomorrow.

The rhythm guitars are powerful and sharp. The drumming section is straight to the beat and Jason Conde – Houston’ s vocals are better than ever.  If you like classic heavy metal you will love them, but if you listen to HELLOWEEN and you cringe, then don’t bother.

Best moments of the album: The powerful “Cast Iron”, the harmonious “Seven Scars” and “Psychic Silver Wheels”, which carries a great synthwave intro and a classic rock melody.


Dimitris Synatikas

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