SIRENIA release new album “1977” & music video for “Wintry Heart”.

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On May 26th, Norwegian Symphonic Metallers SIRENIA, have released their new album “1977” through Napalm Records. The day before the release, the band unvailed a performance music video for “Wintry Heart”. The fast-paced single gives a bittersweet taste of early 90’s vibes, roaring guitars and synth melodies, exploring a new style like never before.

Morten Veland comments on the track: ” ‘Wintry Heart’ is a powerful, melodic and more up-tempo song. I also find it to be very energetic – it’s definitely one of the songs on the ‘1977’ album that I really look forward to performing live. The chorus also has a great hook line. I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Transporting the listener to a retro auditory arcade harking back to when groovy synthwave melodies dominated the world of music, SIRENIA’s new album merges late 70’s and 80’s pop rock stylings with synthwave elements and their remarkable, hard-hitting symphonic melodies – shaking the listener to the core.

Cover artwork by Gyula Havancsák

Captured within the magic of 80’s sonics, the four-piece opens up their enchanting new offering with the mesmerizing opener “Deadlight”. The world of soulful violin and fragile piano lines builds up an energetic atmosphere, underlined by the wistful tunes of the multi-talented mezzo soprano voice of French singer Emmanuelle Zoldan. The track is followed by the fast-paced “Wintry Heart”, which gives a bittersweet taste of early 90’s vibes and roaring guitars, while “Nomadic” represents SIRENIA’s characteristic dark and heavy side as shredding guitar riffs alternate with playful interludes while relentless drums and symphonic electronic elements go hand in hand with one another.

“A Thousand Scars” marks a totally new fusion for SIRENIA, as heavy symphonic tunes dressed as remarkable rock riffs and poppy rhythms dance together with the feathery light vocals of Emmanuelle. With the eerie and epic tunes of “Fading To The Deepest Black”, the song is reminiscent of their last album, “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” (2021). Kicking off with vertiginous blast beats and a mesmerizing performance by Emmanuelle Zoldan, a warm vocal interlude by Morten Veland supports the song’s stunning atmosphere before it leads into an impressive guitar solo. Following their operatic symphonic highs, the heavy side of SIRENIA is not forgotten and appears especially towards the end of their 11th record.

Once again, Norwegian mastermind, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Morten Veland produced the 11th record, while HK at Vamacara Studio, France, took care of the mixing. It’s proof that, after more than twenty years of existence, SIRENIA still ranks at the very top of the genre.

“1977” track listing:

  1. Deadlight
  2. Wintry Heart
  3. Nomadic
  4. The Setting Darkness
  5. A Thousand Scars
  6. Fading to the Deepest Black
  7. Oceans Away
  8. Dopamine
  9. Delirium
  10. Timeless Desolation
  11. Twist in My Sobriety (Tanita Tikaram cover)

You can watch the perfomance video for “Wintry Heart” below:

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