SAXON released new lyric video for “Witches Of Salem”.

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British Heavy Metal legends SAXON have released a lyric video for “Witches Of Salem”, the fourth single from the band’s 24th studio album, “Hell, Fire And Damnation”, out now via Silver Lining Music.

“Hell, Fire And Damnation” is an album which sees SAXON investigate all areas of history and mystery amidst ten of their most confident and thunderously powerful songs yet. In “Witches Of Salem”, lead singer and founding member Biff Byford explores the unjust condemnation of the women victimized at the Salem witch trials and the sheer bigotry and mass hysteria prevalent at the time.

“This is an American story, but the witch trials started in Scotland, spread into England and across the sea to the colonies in America. Those poor women in Salem,” explains Byford “they weren’t ‘witches’ more than just unfortunate women really, blamed for everybody’s ailments… whether your horse died, or the milk went sour, they blamed women. Maybe because they were jealous of them, or maybe it was because some guy had made some advances and she’d told him to piss-off, so he’d declare that she was a witch. And once a person was declared a witch, I don’t think there was any way back from that; very few of them were found innocent.”

After the release of “Hell, Fire And Damnation”, that conquered the charts around the world and a successful European tour with JUDAS PRIEST and URIAH HEEP, SAXON will continue with a co-headlining tour with URIAH HEEP in U.S.A. entitled “Hell, Fire & Chaos – The Best Of British Rock & Metal”, with the first stop being Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

“Hell, Fire And Damnation” Track Listing:

1. The Prophecy

2. Hell, Fire And Damnation

3. Madame Guillotine

4. Fire And Steel

5. There’s Something In Roswell

6. Kubla Khan And The Merchant Of Venice

7. Pirates Of The Airwaves

8. 1066

9. Witches Of Salem

10. Super Charger

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