SATURNUS unleash new single “Breathe New Life”.

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Danish Doom Metallers, SATURNUS has released the heavily growling new track “Breathe New Life” as the final single taken from their forthcoming album “The Storm Within”, which has been slated for release on June 16th via Prophecy Productions.

“What has been broken can never be fixed, but that pain can lead to hope at the same time”, guitarist Julio Fernandez writes on behalf of the band. “It is that hope, which will let the blood rush back in and it will let us run on new paths, which are leading to our truth. Peace remains idle and it is depicted as some kind of utopian dream, which will take you to a state of mind where eternity is the only choice and your last breath is the key to open the very first door of a new chapter to come. ‘Breathe New Life’ is a heavy and solid musical statement with driving verses and anthemic choruses spellbound to embrace hearts and souls. This is the first song, which we wrote for ‘The Storm Within’. For us, it is a strong symbol that Saturnus are back for good and ready for more!”

Cover artwork by Mirko Stanchev

The title of SATURNUS’ fifth album, “The Storm Within”, is hinting at both the tempest of the natural world and turmoil that can rage inside the mind. It is also quite obvious that the long time it took the Danes to create this full-length and the personal reasons behind the hiatus very much contributed and inspired its artistic expression.

SATURNUS have outdone themselves with “The Storm Within”. The musical themes of the seas, rain, and stormy waters are a subtle presence and guiding thread throughout the songs that reflect anger, loss, melancholy, and pain in equal measure. The fully matured craftsmanship on this album is sublime and extremely dynamic, ranging from moments of calm to brutal outbursts.

“The Storm Within” took a long time in its creation and along the way demanded painful sacrifices from SATURNUS. All the blood, pain, and sweat have left their marks on this record. Yet in the end, the brutal honesty and the baring of the soul emanating from each note is what makes “The Storm Within” such a brilliant piece of music.

“The Storm Within” track listing:

  1. The Storm Within
  2. Chasing Ghosts
  3. The Calling
  4. Even Tide
  5. Closing the Circle
  6. Breathe New Life
  7. Truth

You can listen to “Breathe New Life” in the following video:

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