Sabaton – Heroes Of The Great War (EP)

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 24.39
Label: Nuclear Blast

After the release of the album “The War To End All Wars” in 2022, SABATON wanted to honor some historical figures and events from WWI as each song included in this collection of older songs is also about a different story and war hero that was bravely sacrificed for the cause for which he was fighting.

The EP includes 7 songs, 6 from previous releases and a new single, ‘The First Soldier’. Musically there is nothing special to mention about this particular song since it is a typical SABATON song. In terms of history, it is dedicated to Albert Severin Roche, a French soldier from Reasuville who rose from a simple farmer to become one of the most decorated soldiers of the French army from the WWI. In fact, he was initially rejected but with persistence he presented himself to another battalion and was integrated into the 30th Battalion in Chasseur. His actions are considered incredible. In fact, in one case, he dragged himself to the battlefield for 6 hours to save his Commander who had been wounded and another 4 hours to return with him to the trenches. Being exhausted he fell asleep and when a patrol found him it was assumed that he had abandoned his post and was sentenced to death since there were no witnesses to confirm his story. An hour before he was executed, his Commander came out of his coma and described the story thus saving his life. In total, he was wounded 9 times while personally capturing 1,180 soldiers. Other historical figures that are honored are Serbian Milunka Savis («Lady Of The Dark»), aboriginal Canadian Francis Pegahmagabow («A Ghost In The Trenches») and the American Alvin York («82nd All The Way»).

Here we are dealing with a release that has nothing new to offer. Probably it is another release aiming to SABATON’s hardcore fans and their collections. So, we are in anticipation of their new album since, according to statements from band;s members, SABATON are in the studio preparing new material!

Rating: N/A
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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