Greek Alternative Metallers PROJECT RENEGADE release new music video for the song “My Oath”.

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On Friday the 3rd of November, the Greek alternative metallers PROJECT RENEGADE, have released their new musci video for “My Oath”, a song taken from their latest full length album “Ultra Terra”. An album that carries many heavy elements but borrows also from other metal subgenres like Metalcore, Melodic Metal etc.

The album was released from Pavement Entertainment in July and it is their second full length album after the very good “Order Of The Minus” in 2019. In “Ultra Terra”, PROJECT RENEGADE promote their sound and this is the result of the great experience they have gained by playing in big stages, clubs and festivals in Greece and abroad. They rely heavily on the duo Ody – Marianna in drums and vocals and also in the bond there is between all the members of the band that is transalated into energetic live shows. So, after “The Fix Is In”, “Bloodwitch” and “Token” it is time to watch a new video from this album.

The band commented on their new video: “Enjoy our new video for “My Oath” Renegades! Although this song comes from a very dark place and it’s a promise to not let ourselves become victims of abuse again, we decided to make a positive and heartfelt video that will celebrate all of our Renegade family as a reminder to all of us that in our difficult times music will always be here as our sanctuary and best friend. All footage is from 2022, the year that music was once again heard in stages, clubs and stadiums after being so violently ripped out from our lives. It’s our way to celebrate music, life, love and friendship! So, enjoy and if you like, you can also share your experience in the comments and tell us how music was your best friend and helped carry you through your difficult moments. Also, if you see your face in the crowd put a time stamp in the comments! Music = Life”

“Ultra Terra” track listing:

  1. Critical Mutations
  2. 23
  3. The Millennial March
  4. Apex
  5. The Fix Is In
  6. Timewave
  7. My Oath
  8. Civil Unrest
  9. Token
  10. Negative Grey
  11. Bloodwitch
  12. Ultra Terra
  13. No Country For White Flags

You can watch the official music video for “My Oath” below:

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