PROFANATICA announce new album “Crux Simplex”.

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PROFANATICA have a reputation to uphold. They’ve been one of the nastiest bands in America since the early ’90s, when they were playing the backroom of a Chinese restaurant alongside GOROPHOBIA, IMMOLATION and INCANTATION. Led by drummer Paul Ledney, these heretics have spread sin and spewed bile since the dawn of Black Metal’s creation. Today, they’re returning from their crypt with a new album that’s so blasphemous, you just might lose your head.

“Crux Simplex” is something of a concept album. It takes aim at none other than Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion (talk about kicking someone when they’re down). Each song spits at a different station of the cross, a la Regan from The Excorcist, and “Take Up the Cross” is here to administer the first good tongue-lashing. The riff, which comes courtesy of PROFANATICA’s notorious Destroyer of Holy Hymen, slithers like a leviathan. And the way he hisses in your ear from behind his iron throne, you’d be forgiven for believing that Ledney was the devil himself. ‘”Crux Simplex” is out on September 22nd via Season Of Mist. Today also the band released the first single “Take Up the Cross”.

Cover artwork by Abomination Hammer

Speaking about the new single, drummer/vocalist Paul Ledney comments: “ ‘Take Up The Cross’ is the second station of the cross. Jesus is forced by Roman’s to carry it, and it’s weight is that of 10.000 suns. As spikenard fills the air so does the very real scent of sweat and blood. This is the beginning of the days of stains and pain.”

“Crux Simplex” track listing:

  1. Condemned to Unholy Death
  2. Take Up the Cross
  3. The First Fall
  4. Meeting of a Whore
  5. Compelled by Romans
  6. Wipe the Fucking Face of Jesus
  7. The Second Fall
  8. Cunts of Jerusalem
  9. The Third Fall
  10. Division of Robes

You can listen to “Take Up the Cross” in the following video:

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