Porta Daemonium / Denying Nazarene – Emanifestacion From Sinister Side Split CD

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(Iron Blood and Death Corp.)
Total Playing Time : 41:50

From the land of Chile, far away from here, this release comes to us and as you probably have already guessed, this is a record of extreme primitive Death Metal!
At first, we have PORTA DAEMONIUM, a group that was formed back in 1998 and has released quite a few demo & signles plus one full length album in 2016. They play classic tradition and totally oldschool death metal influenced by the ancient gods like INCANTATION, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, ANGELCORSE and the likes. They have three songs here and are definitely fulfilling their purpose, which is nothing more than to keep the old sound alive. They have a good production, chaotic (as needed) growling vocals (all the time), screaming guitars and hypersounding drums since they play at full speed. Very nice effort, lets see if they’ll do a new full length album soon.

Now we have DENYING NAZARENE, these guys exist since 2003 and have released two albums and several demos. Their style is quite similar but not that old school like the first guys, they hit mercilessly with their music, their stuff is well played with a little better production but I think not so inspired. They are good but need to work more to improve their place in the scene.

For those of you who like a good underground release, especially in the form of a split CD that we don’t have as many anymore, feel free to support this effort by visiting the labels webshop and get this one among other similar cool releases.


Antonis Livanios



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