Pissgrave – Posthumous Humiliation

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(Profound Lore Records)
Total Running Time: 43:26

If I had not heard their previous album (“Suicide Euphoria”), I would have definitely been surprised by the noise that came out of the speakers as soon as I hit the “play” button. Their style is Death Metal that touches the intensity of Grindcore but also has some Black Metal influences. The structure of the songs brings to mind various War Metal bands that seem to feature the sound of this band. The substantial difference they have is in the production which is particularly noisy, approaching the limits of sound distortion. Imagine REVENGE trying to cover DEICIDE with the sound of DEAD INFECTION’s “Brain Corrosion”!!

Everything is too much here! The production which is harsh and noisy, the speed, the double distorted vocals and the gore cover. As mentioned before, there is an aura of DEICIDE’s debut album (watch the band’s photos), which you are able to listen in the pretty good guitar work done (if you are capable to endure the noise they have created). My personal view is that the two guitarists (Demian Fenton, Tim Mellon) are very capable of creating particularly threatening riffs and I believe that they are the band’s cornerstones.

What PISSGRAVE is trying to achieve is to shock and they manage to do it once again with all the means at their disposal. Their second album may not be so “dirty” and rough as their first one but it’s a barbaric manifestation that flattens everything in its passage! Those who like their Death Metal to be rough and barbarous, must devote a little time here…


Giannis Karakasis


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