OUTER HEAVEN to release “Infinite Psychic Depths” album in July.

You are currently viewing OUTER HEAVEN to release “Infinite Psychic Depths” album in July.

OUTER HEAVEN return with their crushing new album, “Infinite Psychic Depths”, out on July 21st via Relapse Records. The album, an exploration into the darkest depths of extreme music, showcases OUTER HEAVEN’s muscle, as the band churns out some of 2023’s most visceral and frenetic slabs of twisted Death Metal. The band also unveiled an official video for its new single “Rotting Stone/D.M.T.”, directed by Hayden Hall / Sick Slice Studios.

Vocalist Austin Haines, comments: “We could not be more psyched to share this culmination of many years of hard work with the world! To have this chance to build and expand upon our previous works has been extremely thrilling and rewarding. We are always striving to evolve our sound and introduce some new elements into the mix, and we feel we definitely achieved that with this album. We hope that this album drags the listener deep within themselves, to discover true madness within the ‘Infinite Psychic Depths’!”

Taking advantage of guitarists Jonathan Kunz’s and Zak Carter’s penchant for technical prowess and rhythmic galloping with melodic catchiness, OUTER HEAVEN bridges the worlds of dark ‘n’ dank despair and upbeat hooks. Austin Haines’ vocal delivery is as unchained as ever, barking and growling through interwoven stories of societal collapse, hallucinogens, mutations, and more, connecting “Infinite Psychic Depths” to their acclaimed debut, “Realms Of Eternal Decay”.

Cover artwork by Matt Stikker

Methodological riffing swirls around muscular half-time clobbering in both “Soul Remnants” and “Unspeakable Aura”. “Pillars of Dust” and “Liquified Mind” take the listener on a journey from the furthest reaches of the Earth’s exosphere to the sweat and spilled beer of a dive bar moshpit. “Fragmented Suspension” gives a backhand to the genre tunnel vision with a tendinitis-inducing palm muted shuffle that’s part Norwegian Black Metal iciness and part classic ‘80s L.A. Hardcore Skate Punk.

Recorded by Ryan Reed and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, “Infinite Psychic Depths” throws a few tricks and guest appearances into the mix with bass playing by Derrick Vella from TOMB MOLD, as well as vocal contributions from PIG DESTROYER’s JR Hayes, MORBID ANGEL’s Steve Tucker and Alex Jones from UNDEATH. The new album also features a special appearance by Dave Suzuki (CHURCHBURN, ex-VITAL REMAINS) doing a trade-off solo on “Rotting Stone/D.M.T.”.

“Infinite Psychic Depths” track listing:

  1. Soul Remnants
  2. Pillars of Dust
  3. Fragmented Suspension
  4. Drained of Life
  5. Liquified Mind
  6. Unspeakable Aura
  7. Rotting Stone / D.M.T.
  8. Starcrusher
  9. Pallasite Chambers
  10. Warped Transcendence
  11. From Nothingness to Eternity

You can watch the official video for “Rotting Stone / D.M.T.” below:

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