OKKULTIST release official video for new single “Meet Me In Hell”.

You are currently viewing OKKULTIST release official video for new single “Meet Me In Hell”.

Portuguese Blackened Death Metallers OKKULTIST, have dropped an offiical video for their new single “Meet Me In Hell”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album “O.M.E.N. (Omnis Malum Et Noceo)”, due for release on February 17th via Alma Mater Records.

The band states: “Our brand new album has finally been revealed, after months of literal blood, sweat and tears. We couldn’t be more stoked to finally start talking about it after a vote of absolute secrecy. This album is the very best of all of us, at all levels. This is the spiritual devotion we have sacrificed. The upmost respect and adoration for the pain that builds us.

This album is so much more beyond than “just an album” — this is just the humble and tamed beginning of what Okkultist is yet to bring you… Open your eyes. Open your minds. The best is yet to come!”

Cover artwork by Felipe Froeder (Arcano XV Collage)

Vocalist Beatriz Mariano comments: “This album is the ultimate rise to our high power. The result of loss and sacrifice. The culmination of pain, and absolute detachment from life. But also, the journey of an obsolete sense of desperateness from walking out of the void weighting us down, like being buried alive and digging our way out, fighting with every inch of us to be able to reach the surface and breathe again. It’s an ascension to our greatest spiritual form, which we will always and endlessly be fighting for.”

And she adds on the new single: “You can put me through Hell, beat me up and drag me down, but don’t doubt I know what belongs to me, and there’s nothing that’s gotta get in my way of achieving what is meant for me. Let everyone use this song as their anthem, when you feel like you can’t get up, remember the power that has been given to you. That back your control, the same way I took back mine, and that’s a warning.”

“O.M.E.N.” track listing:

  1. O.M.E.N. (Omnis Malum Et Noceo)
  2. Death To Your Breed
  3. Meet Me In Hell
  4. Blood On Satans Claw
  5. Demonic Warfare
  6. 9th Layer Of The Abyss
  7. Thy Blood, Thy Flesh, Thy Sacrifice
  8. Sixpounder (Children Of Bodom Tribute)
  9. Crimson Ecstasy

You can watch the official video for “Meet Me In Hell” below:

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