Nuclear Assault (12/04/2019, Recife / Brazil)

You are currently viewing Nuclear Assault (12/04/2019, Recife / Brazil)

An amazing concert of Nuclear Assault at Abril Pró-Rock festival, in Recife, Brazil. They played more old classical songs, like Critical Mass, Game Over, Brainwashed

Nowadays the band is formed by John Connelly (vocal and guitar), Danny Lilker (bass and vocal), Glenn Evans (Drums) and Erik Burke (guitar). Nuclear made this first concert at Brazil in 1989, when played with Sepultura, in a Handle With Care Tour.

Set List: Rise From the Ashes, Brainwashed, F# ,Vengeance, After the Holocaust, New Song, Critical Mass, Game Over, Butt Fuck, Stranded in Hell, Sin, Betrayal, Analogue Man in a Digital World, F# (Wake Up), When Freedom Dies, My America, Hang the Pope, Lesbians, Trail of Tears.


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