NOCTURNAL BREED drop lyric video for new single “Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)”.

You are currently viewing NOCTURNAL BREED drop lyric video for new single “Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)”.

When S.A. Destroyer (aka Svartalv – ex. GEHENNA, SATYRICON) formed NOCTURNAL BREED in 1996 he had two intentions. One was to create a band whose music would be an homage to the Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal waves of the 80’s, which he greatly admired. The other would serve as an antidote to the growing commercialisation of the Black Metal scene in particular, and the Metal genre in general, both of which were fast becoming anodyne.

And, in all that time since its creation, NOCTURNAL BREED has remained true to the vision of its founder, something that can clearly be heard on the latest single from the band’s upcoming album “Carry The Beast”, which will be released on June 23rd via Dark Essence Records.

The single, appropriately titled “Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)” is a riff-laden beast with no fillers or dead spots that would only serve to weaken the hate-filled snarling vocals, the tasteful guitar solos that are performed the way guitar solos ought to be performed, and the hellish thundering drums. The whole is dressed in a warm organic sounding mix, that gives the song more feeling and personality, the NOCTURNAL BREED way of course, thus ensuring that if aggression had a name, it would be “Thrash Metal Hate Saw”.

If further proof were needed that NOCTURNAL BREED’s current lineup of S.A. Destroyer on Vocals and Bass, T. Terror on Drums and Vocals and I. Maztor on Guitars, has not softened with age, “Carry the Beast” provides it, because the album is a feast of outstanding old-school heavy metal. It hits the listener like a sledgehammer, and the band seems darker and more aggressive than ever.

“Carry the Beast” track listing:

  1. Carry the Beast
  2. Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)
  3. Knights of Denim
  4. Salt the Wounds
  5. Atomic Cruiser
  6. Raise the Flag.. and the Hordes Will Follow
  7. Nosferata
  8. Lady Vampire
  9. I Ain’t Marching Anymore
  10. I Felt Nothing
  11. Trench Fever
  12. Blitzhammer

You can watch the official lyric video for “Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)” below:

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