NIGHT RESIDENT released new album “Darkness Is My Home”.

You are currently viewing NIGHT RESIDENT released new album “Darkness Is My Home”.

Greek dark heavy-rockers NIGHT RESIDENT released their entire new album “Darkness Is My Home” on May 21st. 

Recorded, mixed and produced by bass player/vocalist John Tsiakopoulos at Mothstudio Productions, Athens, and mastered by Mario Methenitis at Loud Monster Mastering.

Displaying a stronger maturity and confidence in the songwriting, the lyrics and the overall production, this new effort features nine new tracks that merge the vibrant energy of hard-rock with the psych-pop of 80’s prog and the epic grandeur of doom-metal.

You can listen full album “Darkness Is My Home” here:

01. A Time of Wonder
02. Into Her Eyes
03. Darkness Is My Home
04. Stardust
05. Black Witch
06.I’ll Be Free
07. Little Emperors of Nothing
08. In the Mountains of Sorrow
09. Hope is Hard to Keep

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