NIGHT CROWNED release new album “Tales” & live video for “She Comes At Night”.

You are currently viewing NIGHT CROWNED release new album “Tales” & live video for “She Comes At Night”.

Following the success of their debut studio album “Impius Viam”, released in February 2020, and their highly acclaimed follow-up record “Hädanfärd”, released in July 2021, NIGHT CROWNED has solidified their place as one of Sweden’s best-kept Blackened Death Metal secrets. Comprised of former and current members of renowned acts such as DARK FUNERAL, NIGHTRAGE and CIPHER SYSTEM, NIGHT CROWNED possesses a musical vision that is haunting yet clear and with “Tales” the band has released their third full-length album via Noble Demon!

This release marks a new chapter for the band as they push the boundaries of Blackened Death Metal to unprecedented levels. With “Tales”, NIGHT CROWNED embarks on an auditory assault that defies conventions and redefines the limits of the genre. The album features lyrics in both English and Swedish, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the band’s haunting storytelling. Jonathan Thorpenberg’s mixing skills put the band’s sound on full display, while Jani Stefanovic’s mastering ensures that every note is hit with precision.

Cover artwork by Alvaro Valverde

To celebrate the day in a fitting manner, the Swedish Metallers have unleashed a new video with live impressions from their recent show in Gothenburg with an excerpt of the new album track “She Comes At Night”.

We had our friend Marcus from Marcus Wesslen Media over to make a documentary of our gig in Gothenburg. For this video we went with the song ‘She Comes At Night’. And in this song we really went full on with the folk influences, but it was really important for us to do so without losing our own identity. To have Therése‘s magical voice in the break just makes the song larger than life”, says the band.

Vocalist Ken Romlin comments on the song: ’’Before we started to work on ‘Tales’ I wrote down ideas about which entities I wanted to write about. And the Mare was obvious that it needed to get a song, so it became ‘She Comes At Night’. This was one of the first songs we wrote for this record.“

“Tales” track listing:

  1. De namnlösa
  2. She Comes at Night
  3. Nattramn
  4. Loviatar
  5. Flickan som försvann
  6. Strandvaskarens hymn
  7. Lupus Luna
  8. Old Tales

You can watch the live video for “She Comes At Night” below:

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