You are currently viewing New EMPIRE OF THE MOON album “ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ”

A total solar eclipse occurs as the Moon completely covers the Sun’s disk.Thus, the time approaches and a new chapter for EMPIRE OF THE MOON begins ..

Stars of the unlight sounds,interstellar clouds of Occult lyrical concept and fiery traditional emblems are now channeled in order!To manifest our esoteric visions to those with eyes to see, we present you the cover and the tracklist of the new EMPIRE OF THE MOON album “ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ”.

Track list:

1. Arrival

2. Imperium Tridentis

3. Per Aspera Ad Lunae – i. The Resonance Within

4. Per Aspera Ad Lunae – ii. Two Queens Appear

5. Per Aspera Ad Lunae – iii. Descending

6. Devi Maha Devi

7. Per Aspera Ad Lunae – iv. Ο Υιός της Φωτιάς

The accurate timing of lunar occultations will be given in public soon by our label Iron Bonehead Productions.

The Imperial moonlight will shine again!

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