Nevricon – Death Machine (EP)

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Year: 2018
Total Time: 17:15
Label: Independent

“Death Machine” is called the first EP release from the Greek Heavy/Thrashers NEVRICON. They are a new band as they were created in 2018. Their sound is influenced by METALLICA, modern thrash and crossover.

This EP consists of 4 heavy / thrash songs that sound quite pleasant. The band shows great energy and this is reflected in their songs. Powerful rhythms with beautiful changes in the songs show us that the band has put a lot of effort on songwriting and practicing. Very good work has also been done with the guitars as they sound furious. The production is great as well, something that gives a modern tone to their sound. The only negative thing about “Death Machine“ is the band’s intense influences from METALLICA. These influences from the metal giants (they have affected almost everyone of course) on this EP is so obvious and sometimes annoying, it is a thing that the band should work very hard on their next releases and give to their songs a more personal character. Because they have the talents and in “Death Machine” we see that they have the capability of writing good songs.

“Death Machine” is a dynamic start for NEVRICON and I would suggest that all heavy/thrash fans should listen to it. They have strong capabilities, they can write good songs and if they improve some details and obtain a more personal sound I think they will do very good things in the future.

Rating: 6/10

Nikos Manousis

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